A few words from the editors

Since Connotations began its work 26 years ago, it was clear from the start that the journal should and could not exist on the printed page alone. All articles were stored electronically alongside the printed version – in the 1990s this meant floppy disks, but as soon as the internet came up, Connotations was among the first journals to put a selection of articles and responses online. This catered especially to our concept of critical debate as the electronic medium allowed for links between articles and responses, even over a range of several years. From 2008-2011, Connotations received funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) to make all content available on an open access basis. With volume 25 of Connotations, published in 2016, the last printed issue appeared, and we are now happy to present our new website that, as we hope, is more user-friendly and offers a few new items, such as a member’s area. We are thankful to our supporters in the Connotations society and to all those who helped with technical support to make this possible. And we are eager to receive feedback on the new website to further improve it.