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  1. Judith H. Anderson (1940-2022) - Belatedly, but no less sadly, we would like to notify the readers of Connotations that Judith H. Anderson passed away last year, leaving a gap in our editorial board that we have felt acutely. In an article on Donne published in Connotations in 2018, she set out by wondering in disbelief how close reading could ever be framed in opposition to cultural studies or indeed any investigation of intellectual and material history and presence. “Language,” she writes “is the basic building block of human culture, whether as philosophy, as politics, as literature, or as something else, and it clearly has… Continue Reading
  2. January 2023 – Lewis Carroll – 125th Anniversary of His Death on 14 January - by Angelika Zirker On Thursday, December 23, 1897, Lewis Carroll (who was called Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in his professional life as a lecturer at Christ Church College in Oxford) wrote in his diary:          I start for Guildford by the 2.07 today. It would be his last journey from Oxford to Guildford where he spent Christmas, “as was his custom” (Diaries 9: 355n567), with his sisters. A few days into the New Year, on January 5, 1898, he learned by telegram of the unexpected death of his brother-in-law, Charles Collingwood: “His sister, Mary, begged him to come to Southwick [Sunderland]… Continue Reading
  3. December 2022 – Not That Interchangeable: Middleton’s and Rowley’s The Changeling (1622) - by Sara Rogalski   Extract from The Changeling, Act 4, Scene 2   In The Literary Encyclopedia, Anja Mueller-Wood speaks of “principles of change and replacement” as being “central” to The Changeling, a play first performed in 1622, and collaboratively written by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley. There is, of course, Antonio, the play’s changeling himself, in the sub-plot, and Beatrice’s maid in the main plot, who “substitutes her during her wedding-night to keep her husband in the dark about the loss of her virginity.” Besides that, there are more changelings in the sense of “fickle or inconstant” characters… Continue Reading
  4. The Literary Advent Calendar 2022 is here - As is a tradition at Connotations, we are once again happy to host the Literary Advent Calendar 2022, this time with the title “Concerning Fireplaces and Other Energy Questions,” for the English department at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen. This year we will bring cosy warmth into our cold homes through stories about small and large fires and fireplaces.  Starting on 1 December, every day brings a little seasonal cheer in the form of a literary soundbite on the topic of giving, selected and read by students and staff - just click on the little Santa to the right and start opening the… Continue Reading

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