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  1. April 2021: Henry Vaughan, Doctor and Poet (born 1621) - by Matthias Bauer   This month, April 2021, we are celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Henry Vaughan, one of the most fascinating Early Modern English poets. He was born on 17 April 1621, at Newton-upon-Usk, Brecknockshire, Wales, together with his twin-brother Thomas, who later devoted his life to chemistry and pharmacy. Henry Vaughan’s interests were similar. After studying at Jesus College Oxford and perhaps serving on the royalist side during the civil war, he settled down in his native Brecknockshire, where he practiced as a country doctor until his death in 1695.  The beginning of his medical practice… Continue Reading
  2. Discover Literary Anniversaries - The history of literature in English is long and varied, having brought forth a nearly inexhaustible supply of memorable events - from the births and deaths of significant writers or the releases of their iconic works to revolutionary theatre performances or censorship lawsuits. This year, we want to mark some of these anniversaries and honour them with short articles on the events, as well as the people and books involved. We hope you enjoy this playful journey through history and maybe even learn about your new favourite anniversary. You can access all contributions from our landing page. Continue Reading
  3. The CfP for the 16th International Connotations Symposium is online! - The 16th International Connotations Symposium (July 25 - 29, 2021) will look into questions of "Metagenre." To this end, it will focus on works that, like the A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Good Soldier, reflect on the genre(s) to which they belong; this self-reflection may be either explicit or implicit. Questions to be dealt with include: What are the techniques used to make self-reflexive statements about genre? Are parodies by definition examples of metagenre? Do the reflection on genre and the performance of genre in one and the same work support or undermine each other? Is metagenre an indication… Continue Reading
  4. The Literary Advent Calendar 2019 is here! - We are happy to host the Literary Advent Calendar 2019 for the English department of Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen. This year's motto is "Festive Foods" and each day you can listen to a delicious morsel of English literature read by staff and students. Just click on the Santa to the right and join us for a merry festive season! Continue Reading