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  1. The Literary Advent Calendar 2019 is here! - We are happy to host the Literary Advent Calendar 2019 for the English department of Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen. This year's motto is "Festive Foods" and each day you can listen to a delicious morsel of English literature read by staff and students. Just click on the Santa to the right and join us for a merry festive season! Continue Reading
  2. Interview about the “Ambiguous Dickens” - At last year's Dickens Symposium, the Dickens Society recorded a video interview with our editors Prof. Bauer and Prof. Zirker on the “Ambiguous Dickens.” You can watch online in the Dickens Society's Youtube channel. Continue Reading
  3. The preliminary programme for the 2019 Connotations Symposium is online - The symposium will be under the heading "Understanding (through) Annotations" and will take place in Tübingen later this summer. You can find the preliminary programme and more information at the symposium page. Continue Reading
  4. A literary advent calendar! - This December, we are happy to host the literary Advent Calendar of Tübingen University's English Department. This year's topic is "Bah, Humbug! - A Celebration of the Playful and Nonsensical." Go to our calendar page and open the doors to listen to our department's members and students recite some of the favorite bits of literary humbug! Continue Reading