Members’ Area

In our members’ area we will provide additional services to the members of the Connotations Society. Connotations is an Open Access journal and we strongly believe keeping research free to access for the public. Accordingly, none of our published articles will ever be behind a paywall. But still we hope to recompense our paying members and donors who helped us to keep this journal alive for more than the quarter of a century by offering additional services of convenience and community. While we are in midst of the transition into a digital-only publication, the members’ area is still a future project in the making and subject to planning. Possible outcomes might include

      – additional formats for mobile reading equipment (for example, epub-files)
      – a forum for the Society’s international literary scholars and researchers to enter into direct discussion
      – supplementary links and material for the topics discussed in the articles
      – and of course, being a Connotations Society member already includes the invitation to our biennal symposia.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see here.