Volume 1

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Contents of Volume 1 (1991)
N.B. Numbers refer to issues and pagination of the printed version of Connotations.
  • Piers Plowman, Numerical Composition, and the Prophecies
    Arthur Versluis 1.2: 103-39
  • Gematria in Piers Plowman (A Response to Arthur Versluis)
    John P. Hermann 1.2: 164-67
  • Duality in Piers Plowman and the Anglo-Saxon Riddles (A Response to Arthur Versluis)
    Gwendolyn Morgan 1.2: 168-72
  • Comments on Arthur Versluis, “Piers Plowman, Numerical Composition, and the Prophecies”
    Eric Kooper 1.3: 283-85
  • Comments on Arthur Versluis, “Piers Plowman, Numerical Composition, and the Prophecies”
    Eric Kooper 1.3: 283-85

  • Arthur Golding and the Elizabethan Progress of Actaeon’s Dogs
    Anthony Brian Taylor 1.3: 207-23

  • Doctor Faustus: Death of a Bibliophile
    Paul Budra 1.1: 1-11
  • Doctor Faustus and the Literary System: A Supplementary Response to Paul Budra
    Paul Yachnin 1.1: 74-77
  • Doctor Faustus and Intertextuality (A Response to Paul Budra and Paul Yachnin)
    Mark Thornton Burnett 1.2: 173-80
  • Doctor Faustus: The Play-Text or the Play? (A Reply to Mark Thornton Burnett)
    Paul Budra 1.3: 286-89

  • Mnemonic Criticism & Renaissance Literature: A Manifesto
    William E. Engel 1.1: 12-33

  • “If you have tears …”: Oxford and Onions
    Eric Sams 1.2: 181-186

  • Religion in King John: Shakespeare’s View
    Roy Battenhouse 1.2: 140-49
  • A Response to Roy Battenhouse, “Religion in King John: Shakespeare’s View”
    Sandra Billington 1.3: 290-92

  • “M.O.A.I.” Trying to Share the Joke in Twelfth Night 2.5 (A Critical Hypothesis)
    Inge Leimberg 1.1: 78-95
  • More About Laughing at “M.O.A.I.” (A Response to Inge Leimberg)
    John Russell Brown 1.2: 187-90
  • Maria’s Theology and Other Questions (An Answer to John Russell Brown)
    Inge Leimberg 1.2: 191-96
  • Count Malvolio, Machevill and Vice
    Matthias Bauer 1.3: 224-43

  • On Puzzling Shakespeare by Leah Marcus
    Roy Battenhouse 1.2: 197-203

  • The “Doubleness” of The Malcontent and Fairy-tale Form
    Brownell Salomon 1.2: 150-63
  • Fairy-tales, Form, and the Future of Marston Studies (A Response to Brownell Salomon)
    William W. Slights 1.3: 302-07

  • A Response to Margreta de Grazia, “Homonyms before and after Lexical Standardization”
    Manford Hanowell 1.3: 293-98
  • Response to Manford Hanowell’s Response to “Homonyms before and after Lexical Standardization”
    Margreta de Grazia 1.3: 299-301

  • The Head and the Hands on the Rostra: Marcus Tullius Cicero as a Sign of Its Time
    Dale B. J. Randall 1.1: 34-54
  • Charles I, Cromwell and Cicero (A Response to Dale B.J. Randall)
    John Morrill 1.1: 96-102
  • Once More to the Rostra (An Answer to John Morrill)
    Dale B. J. Randall 1.2: 204-06